Extreme Weather Conditions – Summer 2019

In summer heatwaves such as what we’re going through this week I will not walk dogs if I deem it too hot for them outside ((Upwards of 27 degrees requires caution)). Dogs are at risk of heat stroke, burnt paw pads and upset stomachs when exposed to high temperatures.
I will still spend time with them inside and try to reschedule their walks outside of the hotter parts of the day so they still get their exercise.
Furthermore on warm days I will; only walk in the shade, provide water on walks, and avoid afternoon walks.

Keep our furry friends safe in this heatwave, if your dog is panting excessively and getting lethargic wrap a damp towel around them and keep them out of the sunlight. The best medication is prevention, a missed walk isn’t the end of the world, but walking in a heatwave could be.


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